We are approved and authorized by the "American Kennel Club" to offer the "AKC Pet Protection Bundle"online, and we are the only source of puppies in Brevard County approved to do so.  The AKC Pet Protection Bundle" is included in the purchase of any of our puppies. Please ask us about this special bundle.

Over the years we have provided family after family with bundles of joy, and in those years we have also added four of those bundles of joy to our own family.  We own a beautiful Pekinese named Button, a Miniature Italian Greyhound named Mico, and our daughter and son-in-law own a Jack Russell Rat Terrier named Jake, and a Jack Russell Terrier named Sam.  Had we the space, we probably would have a whole village of these magnificent and giving creatures in our homes! 

A background and masters in international business management, a love of animals and a desire to combine those two passions led us to embark on this venture over two decades ago. 

Puppies Plus Melbourne, FL

As an independent, we have the choice of obtaining our puppies from any place we choose to, however, for almost 18 years now, there is only one place we choose to bring them in from, it is one that we have personally visited and is also family owned.   We invite you to personally ask us where our puppies come from, we are proud to explain the efforts that have been set in place before, during and after they arrive at our store, it is not something we can afford to take lightly, and we know you shouldn’t either.  Visit our "Included With Purchase" price to learn about our puppies before they arrive at our store to what is included with your puppy.


Because our pets mean so much to us, and we want to have them as a part of our families for as long as possible, it is so important to us for them to have come from USDA licensed, regulated and inspected sources…we share your same concerns and for that matter seek to uphold the highest standards in the industry.  All we are associated with is regulated by federal, state and local government bodies and our practices are held to the highest standards by our own ethics, the law, the welfare animal community, the media and the public.  There can be no grey areas in our business, and there shouldn’t be. 

A family owned independent store since 1997, we have spared no effort or expense to provide the highest quality in all you find in our store, from merchandise to our puppies, after all, this is our bread and butter.  Know that when you visit our store, we are there to greet you and  personally make sure you get the best customer service.   

We look forward to seeing you soon, and we know our puppies will be excited too!

Call Us: (321) 727-3010
E-mail Us: puppiesplusmelbourne@gmail.com
Melbourne Square Mall near JCPenney's
1700 West New Haven Avenue, #651
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