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24 March in Red

Alaskan Malamute Male

American Eskimo Female-SOLD

Bichon Poo Female​​​-SOLD

Boston Terrier Male

​Cavalier King Charles Male

Chihuahua Female​​

Chihuahua Male-SOLD

Coton De Tulear Female-SOLD

Dachshund Female

​Dachshund Male

​Dachshund Male

Eski-Poo Female

Havanese Female-SOLD

​Labrador Retriever Female​

Lhasa Apso Female​-SOLD

Lhasa Apso Male-SOLD

Maltese Female

​Maltese Male-SOLD

Maltese Male

Malti-Pom Female-SOLD

​Malti-Pom Female

Miniature Australian Shepherd Male

​Miniature Pinscher Male

Miniature Schnauzer Female

Morkie Female-SOLD

Papillon Female

Papillon Male 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female-SOLD

Pug Male-SOLD

Pug Male​-SOLD

Puggle Female

​Puggle Male-SOLD

Schnoodle Male

Scottish Terrier Female-SOLD

​Shetland Sheepdog Female-SOLD

Shiba Inu Female-SOLD

Shiba Inu Male

Shih Tzu Female-SOLD

​​Shih Tzu Male-SOLD

Weimaraner Male-SOLD

​YoChon Male​​

Yorkshire Terrier Female-SOLD

​​​Yorkshire Terrier Male

​Zuchon aka "Teddy Bear" Male-SOLD

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Important!While the mall is closed, we are still here to serve you curbside. For dog supplies, food, or puppy purchase. Please call 773-980-6423 for service!